Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking back in watercolor

Since I no longer have a camera that works, I am going to throw a few older pieces on here, just to keep things moving. This is a real mish mash of stuff...most have been posted on Wet Canvas at some point. Some I like, some I might revisit...some will just continue to hang out in the 'maybe next time' pile.
I taught my first watercolor class on Saturday. It was fantastically fun, only 4 students, and we all have a great time!
I've wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid. I even went to college to be a teacher. But I soon realized that I was not cut out for teaching in our school system. So I taught my kids. My daughter was reading before she hit kindergarten, and she would come home and we would teach everything she learned at school to her little brother. I have tutored a bit, and I enjoy that. But this art teaching is a kick!! I could really get used to doing this. I've been asked to teach drawing classes at the art gallery this summer. And there is some interest in a portrait drawing class. So I think I'll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy my other love in life. It will sure help pay for my painting addiction!
Oh yeah, I also sold two paintings this weekend! Very nice. They are in the the group below.
I should have some pics from my first class tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few blasts from the past...

On Second Thought...I'll Just Wait watercolor (Wet Canvas image...I think) sold

Fall Leaves watercolor 8x15" (approx.) sold

Rock Slide watercolor 15x22" sold

Up On The Roof watercolor 15x11" (I think) (Wet Canvas image)

My Suzuki watercolor 22x15"

And that's a wrap!

Happy painting!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am so thrilled I can hardly stand myself! Carol Carter posted this on her blog a couple of weeks ago...and I knew the moment I saw it I just had to have it! And now I do!!!!!
It is a beautiful painting...just fills me with joy. Thank you, Carol!
It's called Morph, and it's 15x11.5" of pure bliss.

No new pics today. Still don't have a camera. But, I think I'll just sit and look at this painting all evening. I'm sure to have sweet dreams.

Have a good one.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Watercolor Trees - And it may be spring!

Hey all...how's it going? Ya miss me? Yeah.
Well, it was March. It's supposed to be spring in March...but it took a long time coming. And since I spent all winter complaining about the weather, I thought that I would take a break from it. And, well, I didn't have much else to say!
But March is over...and I think it may just be spring at last. I still have 2 feet of snow on my lawn, but it is receding day by day.
Also, my camera died. Just decided one day to stop working, no warning at all...not even a kiss good bye. Very sad really.
And, I was letting my job suck the happiness out of life. Ridiculous. Still working on that one.
And, I entered my first art competition...and have spent far too much time fretting about it. Silly, right? I know. I'm done now...once I realized that it wasn't going to have any bearing whatsoever on the outcome, I decided to relax. I find out on Saturday.
But I have been painting...

Edge of the Woods watercolor 22 x 54 "

This one took awhile. But it was fun watching it take shape. Don't know if anyone will want to buy a painting this big of tree trunks...but I really like it. Click to expand!
What else...hhhmmm...not much really. My life is spectacularily dull. Ya'll wanna come over and visit!? LMAO

Anyway...drop me a line. Tell me a story. Have a nice day!