Friday, December 28, 2007


I have a large and entirely useless collection of 'found things'...I think they're interesting and can generally remember where I found them and when. I have bits of Lego found while walking down the street...a very large (very dead) moth that must have traveled here on the front of someones motorhome, as we don't grow 'em that big here...a green marble and a small glass bottle that I found at an old homestead site...various rusty nuts and bolts...well, you get the idea. This information is generally of absolutely no interest to most people I know. Their loss...

And...(and this has nothing to do with the previous paragraph)...since I started painting two years ago I have only ever painted on Arches 140lb CP I thought I would try something year, new stuff and all that. Fredrix watercolor canvas. Kinda nasty at first...slicker than snot (as my grandpa used to say)...took a while to figure how to make the paint stay where it was put. But I persevered...and managed to create a painting...of...found stuff! Ah you see? It all comes around eventually...
I like the way the background turned out. This painting is 8x11".

Monday, December 24, 2007

Commission Watercolor Paintings

2 half sheet Zen paintings - SOLD

These are two paintings I did for a coworker. She wanted a long horizontal format, and likes my leaves and rock paintings. So...Voila! The background is actually the white of the paper...bad lighting...who took these shitty pictures?!?!?! Oh...

Both paintings are 11x30" watercolor on Arches 140 lb CP paper.

And's Christmas Merry Ho Ho Ho to y'all! (Bah humbug)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Michelle Himes has tagged me...which means that I am obliged to share 5 things about myself that others don't know. Which shouldn't be difficult, since none of you actually know me!!

1. I was born in Redwood City California. We came to Canada when I was 4.
2. I love the Harry Potter movies and books!
3. I have been divorced longer than I was married.
4. I collect old poetry books. I have a Tennyson collected works from's beautiful.
5. I have a silver ring in my nose, and a silver heart in my bellybutton.

There. So now...who to tag, who to tag...I'll be back later with a list of taggees!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Medley of Paintings, Old And New

Good Intentions watercolor on Arches sold

My Gift watercolor on Arches - NFS

Spring Zen watercolor on Arches

Fall Leaves watercolor on Arches

Clay Pots watercolor on Arches

Okay...Top pic...titled "Good Intentions" in the road to hell is paved with...
I painted this last year. It's still kickin' around my mom's maybe.

" My Gift - this very bear claw necklace was created by my son...aged about 9 at the time...and secretly placed into my purse...only to be discovered by myself at the grocery till..."Do you like it Mom?" he asks me with shining eyes..."Oh yes, my's the best present I've ever gotten!" Yeah...kinda ew...and haven't yet found an occassion to wear it...perhaps someday.

"Spring Zen"...just a little sketch of the softness of spring.

Some more fall leaves from my backyard...

And a half sheet of pottery that I painted a couple of months ago...jury is still out on this one. There are definitely parts I really like...and some that are quite hideous...what do ya think?

Any questions?

Talk to me...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Watercolor Paintings

Fall Zen watercolor on Arches

Red Books watercolor on Arches 11x15" - SOLD

Books watercolor on Arches

Yes sirree! More books and leaves! And crazy with the splatter!

A Few More Older Paintings, While I Regroup

My Favorite Books watercolor on Arches

Cherry Pie watercolor on Arches 11x15"

Fall Zen watercolor on Arches

Iris Leaves watercolor on Arches 11x30" - NFS

Meditation watercolor on Arches 11x15"

Here are a few more paintings I have done in the last months.
Leaves and stones, titled "Meditation"...another favorite subject. I have an idea for a large, mandala type painting like this...just thoughts...
"Cherry Pie" ...a happy accident...dropped a big ol' brush of Aliz on the paper...Voila! Cherry juice!
Another Autumn Zen painting "Iris Leaves"...loved how the red leaves had fallen into the iris leaves, and curled around them. And an untitled leaf backyard is a wealth of beautiful paintings
And my favorite childrens' books...Beatrix Potter, A.A. Milne's 'Now We Are Six', and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.
I have a few other book paintings that I will share. I love books. I wish I could eat them...but I just read them and paint them. I even have children...aged 12 & 13...who READ BOOKS!! Exciting, or what!! Yeah...will wonders ever cease.
Let me know your thoughts...not all of them of course...just a select few...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Recent Watercolor Paintings

From Where I Sit watercolor on Arches 15x22"

Fall Zen watercolor on Arches 11x30"

Here are couple more recent works.

The top one is...obviously...a barn. Aren't all watercolorists supposed to paint a barn at some point?'s my barn. I kinda like my barn. I really like my fence...I guess I just like this painting. It's 15"x22".
The second one is one of the Autumn Zen paintings (can't remember which number), and is 11"x30". I have another similar one...but with all red leaves...but I seem to have misplaced the pic...darned computer gremlins...

Both are professionally matted and framed...and if you would like to purchase these, or see more samples of my work...well leave me a message...haven't figured out all ins and outs of the site yet...but stay tuned! I'm sure I'll get it straightened out...eventually...

Talk to me...

Monday, December 10, 2007

More Introductions

Couples watercolor on Arches CP Sold
Winter Zen watercolor on Arches - SOLD

Winter Zen watercolor on Arches CP

Coke Door watercolor on Arches - SOLD

Hmmmm....the pictures come in the opposite order from which they were uploaded...good to know.
This is a sample of the kind of subjects I like to paint. The leaves and stones are all part of what I like to call my Winter Zen series. They are relaxing and simple to paint...I usually do one after completing a painting that has been very involved and complex. Of course, when I paint them in the fall they are Autumn Zen and usually include some colorful leaves...and in the spring...well, you get the idea.
The pear painting is called Couples. I guess it speaks for itself...pairs of pears. The lack of shadows bothers some...but I like Magritte's "This is not a pipe" amuses me.
The Coke Door was painted for our local gallery fundraising auction. I like to paint old doors...they have character...stories to tell. I love the texture and colors...and the rust is cool too.

To all who enter here...enjoy! And let me know what you think...about whatever.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Introducing My Watercolors

When Will I Be Loved watercolor - SOLD

I have just created my first blog! Very exciting.

I'm very new to blogging...and relatively new to watercolor. I am a self taught painter, and am enjoying the process thoroughly. I hope to meet some like-minded artists here, and share knowledge, art and...I
This first piece is called "When Will I Be Loved?"
I painted it last weekend, matted it yesterday, and sold it about half an hour later. Life is good.