Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring! And...the cure for what ails me

Spring has finally sprung here in the north country. The leaves are sprouting, little flowers are bursting forth, and of course I have a fabulous crop of dandelions in my back yard. (Note to self: mow the lawn!)

As for the painting...well...unfinished pieces litter my studio/living room, unattempted ideas float around in my head...and my brushes sit idle...poor things.

But I think I have found the solution. You ever have one of those jobs that just sucks the life out of you, but it is such a well paying job that you feel that leaving would be a really stupid idea? Well, I have one of those jobs. I'm a graphic artist at the local newspaper. It used to be a great job, but...new owners, new management, and it all went out the window. My job pays really well, plus has paid sick days, paid holidays, great benifit package, very secure...all the perks. And so...
I start my new job tomorrow.
Check it out! Don Pettit and Kit Fast are the local photo geniuses in town. The other woman who works there is also an artist, and a really great and fun person. I will get to learn an entirely new graphics program - InDesign - and learn photography, and work on computers that were actually made in this decade, and all kinds of other wonderful things!
The pay starts at quite a bit less than I made at the newspaper, but I figure the lack of stress, learning new things, and working with great people will more than make up for that. (I hope my landlord feels the same way LMFAO!) PLUS! I will get to make art prints and cards for the cost of paper and ink!

And so...onward and upward. Here's hoping I have a lot more creative energy to put into my art, now that my stress load has lessened greatly.

Here are a couple of the unfinished paintings I have staring at me at the moment. The pears and plums are okay, but the plums are already overworked, and they aren't even done yet.
And the trail of petals...well, I'm sure I had a plan for it...but I seem to have forgotten what it was.

Pears and Plums unfinished watercolor 15x20"

Trail of Broken Hearts unfinished watercolor 12x31"

So that's what I've been doin' these days. Far too much fretting, and not nearly enough painting!

Drop me a line...kinda lonely up here...