Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Michelle Himes has tagged me...which means that I am obliged to share 5 things about myself that others don't know. Which shouldn't be difficult, since none of you actually know me!!

1. I was born in Redwood City California. We came to Canada when I was 4.
2. I love the Harry Potter movies and books!
3. I have been divorced longer than I was married.
4. I collect old poetry books. I have a Tennyson collected works from's beautiful.
5. I have a silver ring in my nose, and a silver heart in my bellybutton.

There. So now...who to tag, who to tag...I'll be back later with a list of taggees!


W. K. Moore said...

Tracy thought I'd see what's going on over here after you were kind enough to show up at my site. Great works of art you have... I especially like your paintings of stones. Lots cool viewing.

Tracy Wandling said...

Thak you Mr. Moore! And thanks for dropping in. Thrilled about the visit actually...practically giddy!!

Michelle Himes said...

Thanks for responding to my tag, Tracy. Wow! I never knew anyone with a ring in their nose before - and I like the idea of the silver heart. :-)

It's hard to come up with people to tag, but I'll look forward to your list.

Tracy Wandling said...

Hi a girl has to keep her broken heart somewhere!
As for the seems that everyone I 'know' has been tagged, or isn't interested in being tagged...some people are no fun at all! I'll keep looking though!