Thursday, January 3, 2008

Firsts - Watercolor Doodles

Well. A new year already...I had no resolutions last year...just trying to keep my head above the waves. I managed the year was a success!

But this year...well, I have a couple things that I would like to I'll just leave myself a little note here, and come back next year to see how I did.
1. Exercise! Something, anything...I spend way too much time sittin' on my butt.

2. Get all my papers in order, so I can get a Permanent Resident card, so I can get a Passport, so I can TRAVEL!!!!!

3. Enter an art competition.

4. Start my own art print business.

Okay. Now that's out of the way...

I have already done a few 'firsts' this year.

1. I cleaned my paint palletes!!

2. I cleaned my room! (It's really big...and hey! There's carpet)

3. I doodled!! And I did color strips of the colors I have.

I never doodle...but I had all this nice clean paint on my palette, and thought I might just might make some test strips...and then one doodle led to another...and THEN...I painted a cool thing. Totally out of line with what I have been painting. And I just love it.
It's the tree trunk, with all the little patches of color. (Damn, I forgot to rotate it...supposed to be vertical...oh well). Pretty cool. I did the leaf in a similar way, but without as much variation in color. It was outrageously fun, and I am finally feeling inspired.

I have spent a lot of time cruising through all the fantastic blogspots, (yes, too much time)...but I have found such great things to see, study, and think about! So its a healthy sort of addiction...sort of...

Then I read Bruce MacEvoy's journal on his website. Fantastic. Everyone should read it at the beginning of the year. Brilliant.

Then...SHAZAM...I'm inspired.

Of course, I still spend way too much time cruising...but you know how it is with new toys.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, may all good and wonderful things come knocking at your doors. Thanks for all the inspiration, and thanks for visiting my humble blog...makes my day.
Ok. I'm done.


Joan said...

You've got some good goals there! Hope you achieve them. I think I spend too much time checking things on the computer too, but I enjoy seeing what my "blog buddies" are doing too.

Tami said...

Lovely branch, love the colors! Blogs are a great addiction, but also inspiring.

Tracy Wandling said...

Hi Joan and Tami - Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have been totally inspired by so many things I have seen lately...just so much to learn, and so little time to waste being afraid to try.

RHCarpenter said...

I really like your doodles and play with color, Tracy. And other artists always inspire - gives us a rest from creating and lets us see what others are up to - then we get back to it refreshed.
Hope you succeed with all your aspirations for 2008!