Monday, January 28, 2008

Watercolor Painting - Sticks & Stones V

Sticks & Stones V watercolor on Arches
This is number 4 in Myrna Wacknov's challenge. The composition is cruciform (can you tell?), the dominant element is supposed to be shape (there are shapes there, see 'em?), and the 'mothercolor' is blue violet (yup, that's blue violet). I guess there is only one more challenge left for January. Almost done. I hope she does more in February. It's nice to have the inspiration when I'm at a loss, or frustrated with whatever else I am working on.

It is -36C here. Just mean and nasty cold. It warmed right up to -28 today, but it is dropping, dropping, dropping...I actually burned my hand on a metal door handle this morning. Good thing I didn't try to lick it! Ha. God I hate it here. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Okay...moving on.

I got a new toy!! It's an iPod Touch. I'm not really one to run out and buy all the new electronic gizmos that erupt on the market daily...I only bought a lap top because I like to lay on the floor or couch when I'm on the computer. But the iPod Touch. Oh my. I'm totally in love. It has 8GB (apparently that's quite a bit). It holds music, pictures, and videos. It can access the internet if you're near a wireless router, it has a day planner, calculator and address book. It doesn't do dishes, unfortunately, but it does down load music from iTunes. So all is not lost.

My slightly pathetic justification for this outrageous expenditure is that it is an excellent portable art portfolio. And it really is! The screen is about 2"x3", and is crisp and clear. You can even zoom in to see details. I can put pictures of my paintings on it, and show them off to anyone I want!! It really is the coolest thing. So...Merry Christmas to me!!!

So while the temperature drops to "Hell is Freezing Over" depths, I am busy stuffing all of my songs and pictures on my new toy, watching "The Holiday" for the millionth time (yes, pathetic, I know), and trying to remember that it will be summer again...sometime. God I hate it here.

So drop my a line, tell me a story...just please don't tell me how warm it is where you are. Thanks so much.


Sandy Maudlin said...

After you left a note on my blog about my living closer for classes, I thought how nice it would be to live much closer to the outdoors than we do. We're in a subdivision altho we have a woods all around us. And 36 below would be unheard of. I cannot even imagine. One Christmas eve when our kids were little, it was 28 below. Once in my lifetime was enough. Anyway, merry Christmas to you all over again with your new toy. The cruciform paintng with those 'shapes' is very original. I've blabbed enuf.

Tracy Wandling said...

Oh blab away! I like the company. Yes, the outdoors are wonderful, but lately it's been too cold to actually stay out. You'd think I would be used it by now...but I'm not. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my painting always makes my day!

Myrna Wacknov said...

WOW! This is one gorgeous painting! A big leap in designing happened. I can't wait to show it off in the slide show.

Joan said...

Tracy - You may be cold, but boy are you doing some super work!!! This painting is wonderful!! I love your mothercolor and the composition on this is great.

I can't imagine it being that cold...I'm such a baby about the cold. I'd never get out of the house. Hopefully it will get a bit warmer. Your new toy sounds like fun, and I like how you justified it partly that it was for your art. lol Yes, it will work for that too.

Tracy Wandling said...

Thank You Myrna - I think I am finally getting it...this 'think before you paint' idea is great! lol

Hey Joan - Thanks! I really like the effects in the background...looks pretty cool.
It is such fun to have Myrna's 'class'...I learn alot from what she is doing, and this has been a great project.
As for the cold...well, it warmed right up to -30. And I think that anyone who says they are used to it is a big fat
Thanks for stopping by! (And my new toy is the new love interest in my life...very nice.)

laura said...

Hi Tracy. I love seeing the different ways you approach this challenge; each response has its own beauties. (Love your iTouch too--what fun! And great for when you're painting outdoors and people ask about your work.)
And thanks, I'd love to have a link on your site; and add you on mine, okay?

Tracy Wandling said...

Thanks Laura - It's been a great learning tool, this challenge. I'll link you up, and you go right ahead and link me too.

RHCarpenter said...

I love this painting!!! It's a winner in any category and knowing how you worked at it and all of your paintings for these challenges is great - you are so dedicated and disciplined. And the work is showing in your paintings. I would love to see this one worked up BIG and Beautiful!
It's cold here - too cold - but any time it gets below freezing, for me, it's too cold!!

Tracy Wandling said...

Thanks Rhonda - Wow. What a wonderful and inspiring message to come home to!! Myrna said I should do this one big too. I'm starting it tonight. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site. It's people like you that keep me inspired and feeling good about my art. Thanks so much!