Thursday, February 14, 2008

Watercolor Painting - Poplar Trees

Winter Sky II watercolor on Fabriano (forgot to measure but it's about 14"x24") sold

Crop of Winter Sky II

So...because I was so frustrated with the whole wet in wet thing...I painted something else entirely. I have excellent problem solving skills!

I painted more of my trees. My framer lady, Audrey, was going through her inventory, doing a little early spring cleaning (REALLY early), and gave me a whole pile of precut mats. Lots of them. Big ones too. She is so very good to me!
I like this's like looking out the window.
I've included a closeup shot...for those interested in getting a closer look.
Somehow these don't look like they are the same color. The second one is the most accurate.
As for the weather...well...Saturday morning it was -42C (which is the same in F oddly enough). Sunday morning it was -30C....and Monday morning it was +2C. What the hell?! It's been lovely all week, aside from the wind...right now it's +2C (about +36F or so). Absolute bliss. I have the windows open, letting some fresh air into the house to sweep out the cabin fever bugs.
What else...hhhmmm...Oh yeah! Next weekend I get to start teaching a beginning sketching class. 3 hours on Saturday afternoon for the next 4 Saturday's. I'm really looking forward to it. I like teaching. I was going to be a teacher when I grew up...but I changed my mind...about the growing up part. I also get to do 2 all day watercolor in March and 1 in April. Fun!
Drop me a makes my day.


Ces said...

Oh my gosh - these are fantastic!!!

Tracy Wandling said...

Thank you!! I am kind of in love with it
Thanks for stopping by again.

Joan said...

Your birches are so super!!!!

Wet-into-wet can be frustrating. I don't know if you're a WetCanvas member, but I think you can view this even if you're not. The woman did wet-into-wet paintings of the sky and water. I can't work that loosely, but her work is lovely. She's from Florida.

If you can't get into it, let me know and I'll look up her website for you.

I see you're having a heat spell. LOL

Tracy Wandling said...

Thanks Joan! - And yes I am a WetCanvas-er...gemineye, remember? Haven't been on in ages though...can only handle one addiction at a time! Thanks for the like though...I check it out.

Carol Carter said...

i love your trees.... and the multiple format......... they are so clear and so symbolic!! wonderful... keep it up..

laura said...

These trees are indescribably beautiful--from far away and close up; framing them together makes them even more amazing. Your sketching class sounds like fun; I've found when I take watercolor classes/workshops that the beginners often do the most beautiful work, so unself-conscious, blast them! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Tracy Wandling said...

Thank you Carol. So glad you dropped in to take a look. Practically giddy, actually!

Hey Laura - Thanks so much. I am lovin' the trees! And am sooo looking forward to sharing what I have learned with daughter's art teacher is even taking my classes, because she likes my work! How cool is that?!

W. K. Moore said...

Nice work Tracy. You have a control of your palette that produces clear vibrant passages. The subject matter (trees) is always of interest to me especially when they are presented in such a thought provoking way.

Tracy Wandling said...

Thanks WK - Glad you like them. I'm quite in love with them myself. The temperature is finally warm enough to go out and take pictures...looking for more 'characters' to paint.
Thanks for coming to take a look! Makes my day.