Monday, June 9, 2008

Lazy Summer Afternoon

Went out to my brother's acreage on Sunday. It's actually only 10 miles or so down the road from me...but I'm in town, and they're not. Lovely. Quiet. You can hear the birds singing, instead of the trucks with their loud exhaust systems, and louder stereo systems. Very nice.

They just got some Alpacas. Not sure why...someone was giving them away, and they said, "Sure. Why not!" So they got 'em. Very odd and cute things they are. The baby's name is Fern. Can't remember the rest. But that baby sure is cute!! And she's the most beautiful reddish brown color.

This is a Tree Face, on a tree in their front yard. Kinda neat hey? The tree is a little bit discolored around the face, 'cause my nephew and his friends shot it with their paintball guns, and then had to scrub it off. Boys will be boys. Shame about that. lol

Of course, I had to get some more tree shots for my tree paintings. Can't just paint the same ol' trees over and over. And a shot of our beautiful blue summer sky. Pretty nice.

And the really fun thing! Baby robins. As I popped my head over the nest, the mouths opened wiiiiiide. But I wasn't quick enough with my camera. Still pretty sweet though. After a few viewings by adults and kids, the robins decided that was enough, and started dive bombing anyone who came near. Of course, it was the boys. Being boys.

And that was my Sunday afternoon. I did try a couple little paintings, but I'm not much good at the en plein aire I'm not even gonna post them. These pics are much more me.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!


W. K. Moore said...

Cool collection of photos here. I see you live a full and interesting life. Let's hear it for the alpacas!.. and thx for coming by the site.

RHCarpenter said...

Loved the photo of the alpacas - and the story - hey, why not? They're free, right? Who knows where this could lead. And I hope you paint a few (not with paintballs but with watercolor on paper) someday, too.

Thanks for sharing your day - it sounded like a good one.

Nava said...

Wow, how very cool to have a brother with such a fun place!! Love the haircut on those alpacas - especially the puffy socks left on their legs :-)

Joan said...

Now that you have more tree photos, does that mean we'll get to see more of your tree paintings? I've missed them!

Tracy Wandling said...

Thanks WK - Don't know about full and interesting...but it is nice to get outta town and bask in the stillness of the country.

Hi Rhonda - Yeah, pretty neat hey? The color of the baby alone is tempting me to try.

Hey Nava - Yeah, and he's also a massage therapist...wonderful brother to have!

Hi Joan - Yes, I have one in the works! And ideas for a couple others. Stay tuned!

Nava said...

We are staying very tuned - where art thou?