Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey...yeah...I'm still here...

Some lovely little scraps I painted in my front yard. Click to make 'em bigger if ya want.

So I am such a liar, hey? Tomorrow. I meant to post...and then...Well...sometimes tomorrow takes a long time to get here.

Not much news...been busy, busy, busy at work. So much to learn. Designing a website, laying out a book (!), marketing, just stuff, stuff, stuff!!! Great fun.

Just wanted to let ya know I'm still here!!!


laura said...

Hi Tracy! These are just great ... I love the crackling whites in the first one; and how the focus goes closer and closer in each painting. The last one is especially sweet--makes me think of some ancient Roman motif ...!

Nava said...

?Yeah, it did seem as if time has stopped in its tracks, awaiting "tomorrow" to arrive. But it was worth the wait - those are delightful! And glad you are keeping your brush wet. your work sounds so much fun!

Hey, we're going to British Columbia for 10 days, and I am utterly excited.

Joan said...

I'm glad to see you posting again. Good work on these...a bit more detail in each one. I love the last one...just a simple little plant with so much character!!