Sunday, December 9, 2007

Introducing My Watercolors

When Will I Be Loved watercolor - SOLD

I have just created my first blog! Very exciting.

I'm very new to blogging...and relatively new to watercolor. I am a self taught painter, and am enjoying the process thoroughly. I hope to meet some like-minded artists here, and share knowledge, art and...I
This first piece is called "When Will I Be Loved?"
I painted it last weekend, matted it yesterday, and sold it about half an hour later. Life is good.


Ron Morrison said...

This looks good, I'll link you up.

Douglas said...

Lovely work Tracy.

May I suggest you add four blank lines to the "About Me" text so that your name is not split up by the picture?


Tracy Wandling said...

Thank you Douglas.
I have been trying to fix that name thing...but I can't figure out how yet!
I'll keep pluggin' away.

Anonymous said...

So cool ! All the best from somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic... Bob Grant