Saturday, January 5, 2008

Watercolor Painting - Sticks & Stones I

Sticks & Stones I - watercolor on 7x10" Arches block.
Well, I'm just a paintin' fool these days...or maybe just...well, never least I'm painting!

I'm happy. And my son got a new TV today, his old one for his Xbox he's happy. It's all just happiness and sunshine around here...lots of chocolate left over from festivities...Oh will the joy never end!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it is exactly that I want to paint, that I like to paint. I have looked at all sorts of paintings, photographs, movies...thinking thinking. I appreciate and enjoy so many styles of painting, and so many different subjects...still life, landscape, seascape, many things!

What I have finally realized is that just because I like something, doesn't mean I want to paint it. I love pictures of old buildings, stone things, wood things, flowers, leaves...but I don't have an interest at the moment in painting these things. What I want to paint is a super zoomed in small part of the flower, one leaf, part of the tree...just a part of the whole...make it big, and make it mine. What a relief!

So now that I've figured out that deceptively simple riddle, I am free to continue on experimenting with this wild and wet watercolor journey. Life is good.


Nava said...

Hi - got to your blog through Myrna's. You've got an eye for the small things that many others tend to overlook. I like your style!!

Tracy Wandling said...

Thank you nava - I was cruising through your site last night. Wonderful your writing too! Thanks for stopping by!

Joan said...

Tracy - The best thing to do is paint what calls out to you! I love your close-up paintings of things. Keep it up!