Sunday, January 6, 2008

Watercolor Painting - Sticks & Stones II

Sticks & Stones II 7x10" watercolor on Arches block

I had decided I would do a series of paintings with these three explore different designs and techniques...composition, color, different elements of design...and then lo and behold, there is Myrna Wacknov with her monthly challenges using these very things! Will the fun never end... I'll do these 'challenge' paintings in a 7x10 format, and decide which ones I will paint larger.

So here is number two in the 'series', and number one in the challenge...don't really know if I did it right, but it was kinda fun. This is supposed to be a vertical composition (I think I got that), using a base color (a mother color, she calls it) for unity (my new fave red-orange: Quin Gold & Aliz Crimson), but I don't know if I got across the design element of Texture here...the spikey dried petals, dried leaf, thorns on the branch, and negatively painted petals in the border. But it was fun...and it's done...on to the next!!


Roshanda said...

I think the border really adds to the design of this painting. It adds quite a bit of interest to it, I think. Great job!

Joan said...

You and Michelle are doing the same challenge with Myrna. I'll have to check out Myrna's site after I'm done here. I like the textural feeling of this one...the smoothness of the background (almost like water)with the roughness of the branch and the dried leaf. Nice job!