Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Watercolor Painting - Sticks & Stones III

Sticks & Stones III 7x10" Arches block

So this is the next painting for Myrna Wacknov's groovy cool challenge.

The 'mother color' was to be yellow-orange...got it. The design element was to be Value. Well this looks like a value study in two colors...got it...sorta. And the composition was to be 'radial'. Hmmm...well I consider the squares within squares to be radial...though I could be wrong. Plus, there are the petals of the flowers, and the crossed stems. So...yeah...radial.

I haven't done anything else tonight because my FURNACEISN'TWORKINGANDIT'SFUCKINGFREEZINGINHERE!!!! Not a good thing to happen in this neck of the woods (Northern Canada). Can barely type...I think hypothermia is setting in...sleeeeeepppyyy. Nah, just kiddin'...I called my ex-husband and he's on his way (he's a gas guy). How handy is that?! He better hurry though...it's -20C outside...that's like...what...-6F? Bloody cold.
Hey! Does anyone know how to make it so my paintings show up in a search? When I do a search in google images, the only images I see are ones that I have commented on on other blogs! Let me know what ya know!
Off to visit other blogs...too cold to paint!


Myrna Wacknov said...

Tracy, you are painting too fast for me! I can't keep up. There is a square in square composition which I think you did brilliantly, here! I think it fits that composition category more strongly. Hope the heat comes on soon for you.

Tracy Wandling said...

Thanks Myrna. I've picked a much simpler subject than you have, that's for sure! Heat is on, thanks to ex-hubby...all is well.

Joan said...

Tracy - I'm glad to hear that you're warm again. I like the values you have in this, radial or square in a square. Good news for you. If you Google yourself, your blog does come up. For some reason I have the same problem with other search engines too. Only my comments on other people's blogs come up, but if I go to www.google.com my blog comes up. Strange. I don't know if you can do anything so that it comes up in the other search engines.

W. K. Moore said...

Tracy.. great works you have showing here. I like the collage look of this piece. The composition is nicely balanced and loaded with wonderful textures. Extra nice this one!

Tracy Wandling said...

Hey Joan - Thanks! Yes warmed right up now. I know when I google in regular google my blog comes up, but when I go to google images, other peoples pics come up. Still working on that.

Hi W.K. - Thanks very much. I am having fun taking giant steps out of my comfort zone...nothing earth shaking yet...but I've only just begun!

RHCarpenter said...

Tracy, I am enjoying your challenge paintings and especially like how you've taken "simple" elements to work with all the other challege criteria :) Glad you've warmed up, too!

Sandy Maudlin said...

When it's that cold, you can get some great effects with light washes on the paper- if you don't pass out first from the cold. One October in the mts. of Colorado, painting with gloves on I put a gray wash over the sky- within momnets it looked like palm trees crystalized style.

I like looking at your paintings, really enjoy the fresh approach you have. Sticks & Stones #3 is great. Thanks, too, for leaving comments on my blog.